LaMarr and Leslie Johnson – St. Charles, MO

Ava Kalamitsiotis was a life saver! Our house was on the market for three months with a previous realtor with no offers going into the winter months. We were very concerned that we would have to wait until spring to sell the house. That would have been very costly to our family and a huge inconvenience and aggravation due to our move out of the state. Ava stepped in and took over the house selling process like a professional should. Upon meeting her, she offered some suggestions on what to change/update in the house that the other realtor did not mention. In addition, her confident demeanor brought a sense of leadership and assurance to my wife and I. We had an offer within a few days and the hold was sold in less than a month. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Strait Realty™ to anyone looking to sell or buy a home.